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Gone are the days when we have to by a various video games CD's from the market. Today in a single disk, 10 to 100 games can be purchased. You can play them on your personal handset too. Just connect your mobile phone with the laptop and transfer all the games into it. Gaming is one of the most entertaining and nicer time pass especially when you are commuting alone from one place to another. Well, today consoles are designed too in light weights so that you can port it with you wherever you want to take it. Add accessories of the console like steering wheels, remotes, shooting gun etc. and see at what extent you can have fun with it! Play it with your family and increase the joy. Let your children participate into it so that they can be made stronger from their minds. Have fun with it! There is no need to explain anything more about the online games. Once you would be used to of playing it, there will be no need of learning more because console and video games speak for itself.